Ostrich leather

Ostrich leather is very water-resistant one. On the one hand it is very tender ,and on the other hand it the world’s strongest skin. Ostrich leather contains lots of natural oils that’s why it never dries. In addition, it has a brilliant and outstanding coloration.

Items, made out of the ostrich leather will be in use for nearly 30 years. The feathers of adult males are mostly black, with white primaries and a white tail. However, the tail of one subspecies is buff.

Females and young males are greyish-brown and white. The head and neck of both male and female Ostriches is nearly bare, with a thin layer of down.

The skin of the female’s neck and thighs is pinkish gray, while the male’s is blue-gray, gray or pink dependent on subspecies. Their skin varies in color depending on the subspecies, with some having light or dark gray skin and others having pinkish or even reddish skin.

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