Individual tailoring

An individual sewing of a designer’s items of all known difficulties!

Only specialists with a long-term optional experience!
We’ll sew any desired model of an item for you

Women’s coat Men’s coat  Alter coat  Fur Vest  Child fur coats  Leather goods

The sewing process is performed with the help of the modern equipment and technologies!
Natural fur sales:

Persian lamb, mink, fox, red, sable, mink, fox, arctic fox.
Natural fur sales:

Crocodile and python skins.
You can choose a beloved item from the catalogue
Natural fur items:

Persian lamb, mink, fox, red, black and brown rabbit, fox, nutria.

We sale the fur, manufactured in:

Canada, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Norway, Poland, Lithuania.
Direct work with a designer, restoration, modeling, inlaid in the fur, dissolution of all kinds of the hides.