Fur wedding

It’s not a surprise that organizing a wedding ceremony is where the rub lies. Everything should be ideal-from the dress to a pair of shoes! All these words we hear from the brides! To look sophisticated and avoid catching colds every witty bride purchases a wedding fur coat! The fur ,on the one hand, will decorate your wedding dress and, on the other hand, won’t let you get frozen during the walks and long photo shoots!

Wedding fur coats and capes are cut out in order to match any type and color of a wedding dress. Models of these handy things vary considerably. It can be a cape-like swing-cape as well as a semi adherent coat silhouette with a collar. It also can be short, straight or extended, waisted or flared. Short-cut fur coats perfectly match with a wedding dress with a rich corset, which can’t be hidden! Extended fur coats will warm you up and turn a simple rite into a feast! A roomy cut is suitable for pregnant women. A normal palatine ,covering the shoulders, will look absolutely beautiful!

Wedding fur coats ,produced by our atelier, are remarkable by its exclusive design and tradition of keeping all the fashionable trends. A perfect cut fits ideally.

In the manufacture we use fur of the highest quality ,similar to mink and mutton. Special attention is paid to accessories and using decorative techniques in the design of the fur coat’s model. Sparkling buckles with rhinestones, graceful vests and cuffs ,romantic lace ruffle..all these elements create a unique author’s style.

Wedding fur coats and capes –is a useful attribute of winter bride.

To crown it all, we should mention that a snow-white celestial fur coat isn’t solely a warm fur but an unforgettable spark of a glamour for every winter bride!

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