Fur Vest

Nowadays particularly relevant vests are those, which are made of a lamb skin. It’s a long, soft and curly fur, which is able to complete our looks in the casual style.

They could be easily combined with jeans and pullovers. Jackets with more curly fleece always match with tweed trousers and suits. Such vests can be seen in the collections by Dolce and Gabbana.
Other jackets and vests, offered by designers:
In addition, vests ,made out of fox of a natural color ,or a painted ones,look absolutely fascinating.

What to wear with?
→ with jeans
→ with tweed
→ with bright silk dresses
→ with a dress-sweater
Fur jacket will add some gloss and elegance to your outfit.
It will also be able to cover up the shortcomings. Which is more, you won’t be asked to hand it over to the wardrobe.
Some fur jackets became longer. Some of them even gained a leather belt. Individual copies could be so long that they may seem like fur coats straight to the floor but without sleeves. Fur with a long nap or a close-cropped fur (fox, sable, wolf) is the most relevant model.

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