The most precious thing in the leather-processing market is considered to be a crocodile leather. And it isn’t a surprise, because the raw materials have to get through the huge amount of processes before being used as a final ready-made material. It takes more than three month to finish all the demanded processes! That’s why a crocodile hide is thought to be a sign of a wealth and prosperity.
The ancient Egyptians believed in the supernatural properties of the crocodile skin. They recognized this animal as a sacred one. It was an impersonation of the God of Rivers. People made a countless sacrifices to Him and built a great amount of temples in His honor. The crocodile skin was thought to bring the owner the world treasures and wealth with a great doze of glory. The very process of dressing such hides has always been a complicated thing. First things first. When choosing the material for the future item, you have to take into account the quality of the crocodile hide not to be deceived by an imitation. Moreover, you can determine if the skin is natural or it’s forgery by yourself. The hide of a crocodile has a unique pattern of the skin cells. Each square is differ from one another by its mould. This defined shape can’t be ‘’repeated’’ during the production process. While probing, you can easily find a bone plate in a cell. Namely this property ,felt by your fingers, gives the item an absolute guarantee of being very much wearable.
The crocodile skin recoups the prime cost. It is a very sturdy sort of skin, which is used for producing garments, shoes and accessories. It can’t be worn out. Vice versa, it gets better and better with each passing season.
The crocodile skin-is your prestige!

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