Alter coat

If you have no idea of how to give your fur coat a second breath or you’re completely unaware of what to do with a fur coat, who has already lost its charm and novelty-don’t let the rush enter your thoughts. There is absolutely no need of getting rid of an old fur coat! Just bring it to our atelier and you’ll be surprised by the eventual modern look of your ‘’old ‘’ fur coat!
Our job is to grant your old leather/fur things a new life!
Altering your old leather/fur item will cost you less money than buying the new one.
How does the work begin?
draw the sketch of a new model
make a scale model of the future fur coat from the dense fabric
we try on the layout and make the demanded changes
after the layout was tried on, we collect the fur cut
then we do the restoration of the fur if necessary and pick up the right fur
after that we do the ultimate fitting and assert the details.
the finishing stroke is to choose the desired lining
That’s all. Your fur coat is ready!
It is actual to alter your fur coat and give it the second chance!
But there are two major fact that are worth mentioning.
Firstly, altering the fur coat is a very hard and a time-consuming process. That means you must make up your mind in advance. There is no use to start a fur cutting process in summer. Trace the winter fashion shows and you’ll make the right decision of choosing the most suitable model.
Secondly, you have to remember that the process of redrawing the fur coat starts with it being ripped up. If, on the contrary, the item needs to be decreased, the leather pieces are cut off with the help of the pattern.