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Men’s coat

Fur Vest

Nowadays particularly relevant vests are those, which are made of a lamb skin. It’s a long, soft and curly fur, which is able to complete our looks in the casual style. They could be easily combined with jeans and pullovers. Jackets with more curly fleece always match with tweed trousers and suits. Such vests can be seen in the collections by Dolce and Gabbana. Other jackets and vests, offered by designers: In addition, vests ,made out of fox of a natural color, or a painted ones,look absolutely fascinating.

Women’s coat

Animal fur (as a major material for producing clothes) has always been used in the ancient times. It has become a tradition. So we can certainly claim that women’s fur coats are the oldest and most venerable garment of all times. A primeval human being, having learnt only how to make a bonfire, without having a slightest idea of how the fabric could be sewed, – used the skins of different animals to defend himself. That’s why our ancestors’ existence depended on hunting not only for food but also for such clear but excessively useful things as shelter and protection from diseases, connected with derma harming.

Alter coat

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