→ How to choose a fur coat and what you should know about fur

√ What does the furry coat’s wear depends on

Firstly, it depends on the quality. The fur needs to be ’’wintry’’. Only during a wintry period the animal’s fur is considered to have a thick underfur. Secondly, the dressing (scrapings ) has to be flexible. If this membrane is of a yellow color- the fur is certainly old. Thirdly ,a maximum fur wearability refers to such animals as: otter, beaver, raccoon, sable, mink, astrakhan, muskrat and nutria. The worst wearability refers to rabbits, goats, hairs. Which is more, nutrias from Argentine are of a great value, because they’re wild

√ How to check the item’s value and quality?

In a nutshell: the fur has to be dense, thick, without bold spots and shiny. The scrapings have to be white and soft (not fulminatory).

If the fur coat is qualitative, then its lining is sewed in not a very tight way. And the grade of the hide’s dressing is visible.

When buying a fur coat , you should note several things

It is more reliable to buy a furry item in the fur store or atelier. This may exclude the possibility of fraud. Secondly, you have to decide during what period where you’ll be wearing the item, you intend to buy. If you plan to wear it, while driving the car, you’ll apparently feel yourself more comfortable in the fur coat, made out of mink and otter. If you’re planning to take a long strolls in winter with a child in the pram-choose a fur coat made of beaver, fox, arctic fox, female minks. We’re frequently asked what type of a fur coat is better-the one with a dissolution ,or the one that was sewed from the solid plates? Both variants are possible. If the membrane is thick (beavers, nutrias, raccoons)-choose the 1st variant. If the membrane is thin (minks) , the corpulent ladies are advised to choose the 1st variant because it may slim them. These all factors depends on the color and size of the chosen model.

Is it wise to buy a furry PAINTED coats?

First of all, you should question yourself-What was the aim for producing a so-called coloring of fur? It is important to remember that a solid black color and other dark colors are used to hide the defects of the hide. So, be aware of this fact.

But ,of course, there are a lot of other range of colors, used to delicately decorate the fur. For example, wild nutria fur coats are usually painted because the natural color of these species is too pale to make a nice impression. The method of tinting or coloring the furs into a one or several colors is pretty prevalent. If taking into account the nowadays technologies and methods-the fur quality will never be harmed or somehow demolished. So, if you fancied a fur coat of a striking-red mink or a purple arctic fox – DO NOT hesitate and buy it. You won’t regret!

√ What to choose- a fur coat or a sheepskin coat?

Many men, many minds! But, speaking of objectivity, the fur coats are more practical. It doesn’t ‘’fear’’ the rains and it is always in vogue.