KLIKO atelier is ready to give your fur and leather items the second breath!
Fur items
We do the whole complex of services which are demanded for any of your fury garments:
Fur repairs.
Lining replacement.
Fur coats’ implements replacement.
Any desirable changes in style.
Changes of the item’s size.
If you are sick and tired of your fur coat’s style-we’re ready to change it entirely. We can:
Add or remove the hood on your sheepskin
add or remove the collar
change the size of your item
change the sleeve’s size
dispose of the fur breaks
make invisible mending or patch for the sheepskin
replace the zipper, set rivets and move the buttons
We can easily revive the quality of raw fur dressings.
Fur garments
We provide the complex of demanded repairs for your fury things:
we cut and change the items, made of genuine leather.
we repair the fury items.

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