Child fur coats

Fur coat for a child is the best vestment for our blats during a winter period.

Childish fur coat and a hat, made out from the organic fur, let the child breathe and reduce the perspiration during his long strolls in winter. Childish fur coat from a natural fur keeps the warmth and ,in fact , is a very light thing. Usually fur coats for children are associated with something bulky and inconvenient ,but ,due to the new technologies of the manufacture, fur coats of our production are light and comfortable. The skins are fabricated in a way of self-reduction of their weight and this fact lets us sew products specifically for children. All children ,notably girls, are great fashion-mongers. Therefore it is better to order an individual sewing to have your child differ from the other children. Your child will be able to boast of his or her unusual style because our work envisages an individual approach to every client, especially when it’s a child. You together with your child can choose any beloved model of a childish fur coat and we, in turn ,will help to make your child’s dream an astounding reality. If the winter is freezing ,it’s better to make a fur coat from wolf ,fox or from the skin of an arctic fox because their fur has a dense fluff, which will certainly protect your child from any cool winds or frosts. If the winter is damp –you should choose the right type of fur. The one, which gives a protection from moisture. It could be a fur of a river otter, nutria or a beaver fur. Childish fur coat is a stylish protection from the freeze! It is also possible to sew a new fur coat from the old one or create a modern fashionable fur vest. Our managers will advice you the best variants, which an individual sewing offers. They’ll also tell you about the novelties of the following season and pick up your own style for you!